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Although your sense of smell is emotional, the fragrances you most enjoy will probably belong to just one or two fragrance families.

The Fragrance Wheel holds the key to your fragrance likes and dislikes. It lets you see at a glance the relationship between the 14 different families.

Each family leads to the next, for example - Florals become Soft Florals when blended with sparkling aldehydes and balanced by a powdery drydown. Soft Florals are transformed into Floral Orientals by adding the scents of orange blossom and sweet spices.


We are basically here to help you out on your everyday needs. Yes, we know you need fragrance inside your office room, sitting room along with your bedroom. We are considering the facts and offering you the ultimate choice - Aromasong Fragrance Oil. Yes, it is really versatile to use anywhere


To use in your Reed diffuser. just pure in the oil till your vessel is half full. place your reeds in the vessel. wait for the oil to travel up the reeds and your good to go and enjoy

To use in your Electric diffuser. fill the diffuser with room temperature water. Add 3 to 10 drops of fragrance oil to your diffuser, Replace the top of your diffuser and turn it on

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