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Updated: Apr 4, 2019

A wonder of nature, the Dead Sea is also sometimes known by the name Salt Sea. On its west is Israel and Palestine and on its east is Jordan. There is a funny joke about this water body. It goes something like this: A boy once went to school where he was asked what he knows about the sea. To this, the boy replied – “Dead? I didn’t even know it was sick!” Regardless the associated fun and humor, Dead Sea continues to be a subject of interest for millions of people all around the world. .

1. It is called Dead Sea but the truth is that it is not a sea. It is actually a salt water lake.

2. It is world’s deepest salt water lake to exist on this planet. It is 1,004 feet or 306 meters deep.

3. If we are to measure the depth of Dead Sea with respect to sea level of this planet, it becomes even deeper. Its shores and the water surface are located 1,401 feet or 427 meters below sea level, making it a water body on Earth’s lowest elevation of land.

4. This hypersaline lake is one of the most salty lakes in this world.  The salt concentration of Dead Sea is 33.7%. But this does not make it the saltiest water body because Caspian Sea’s Lagoon Garabogazköl has 35% salinity, Lake Assal in central-western Djibouti has 34.8% salinity, Antarctica’s Lake Vanda has 35% salinity and Don Juan Pond located in Antarctica’s McMurdo Dry Valleys has 44% salinity!

5. Because Dead Sea is actually a lake, it has to have a measurable length and breadth. At its widest point, the lake is 9 miles or 15 kilometers wide and the total length of the lake is 50 kilometers

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