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Marinating lean meats and poultry in a flavor-filled saltwater solution (brine) leads to juicy results, locking in moisture and adding deep, complex flavor and great texture.

Stir it together. Mix the amount of Aromasong® Flavor Brine you need with the directed amount of water. Using hot water first will dissolve the salt quickly, and then the brine is cooled down with unheated water. Do not put meat into hot brine.

Tip: Add some ice cubes to the brine to speed up the cooling or make the brine ahead of time.

Timing is key. For large cuts of meat, like a pork roast or a whole turkey, brine for 6 hours or up to overnight. For smaller amounts, like a whole chicken, pork chops, chicken pieces, or game hens, brine for 2 to 4 hours. Pat the meat dry with paper towels before cooking.

Keep it cool. Always refrigerate meat during the brining process. Use an extra-large resealable plastic bag, extra-large bowl, or a large food-grade container from a restaurant supply store to hold the meat and brine. Be sure the meat is completely submerged.

Sweeten it up. Some brines include sugar, honey, maple syrup, or fruit juices (this statement may be misleading as if some of our brine flavors already contain sweet ingredients. primarily to enhance browning during cooking. Feel free to experiment, adding a sweet element to our brine recipe. Perhaps say “ Adding sweet ingredient to the brine could enhance browning during cooking. Feel free to experiment with adding sugar, honey, maple syrup or fruit juices.

Roast, grill, or sauté. Choose your favorite way to cook your brined meat with the assurance that it will stay ultra-moist. Just pat the meat dry after removing from the brine (always discard the brine after use.) Allow the meat to warm up for an hour at room temperature before cooking.

Tip: if you are bringing skin-on poultry and have the time, allow it to air-dry for a few hours in the refrigerator before cooking. It will be juicy and tender with lovely crisp skin.

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