• AROMASONG Raw Dead Sea Bath Salts products are 100% pure mineral salt, NOT CLEANED, still has DEAD SEA MUD in it THEREFORE YOU CAN FIND SOME BIG PIECES SALT OR SMALL ROCKS IN IT, Makes dry skin feel great and smooth like never before!
  • HIGHLY RECOMMENDED as a Natural treatment for Sore Muscle & Pain Relief and for making Salt face scrubs, Used for Sitz Bath and for hemorrhoid healing & recovery.
  • CLEANSE, SOFTEN AND DETOXIFY SKIN: its 9 unique essential composition including magnesium gives it the best therapeutic qualities for skin purifying & foot care and to be a natural treatment for ECZEMA, ACNE & PSORIASIS and to relax tired muscles.
  • Our Organic Bath Salt Soak is very effective in removing dead skin cells, toxins, & excess oil from your skin, Our hot tub Salt are used for Adults, kids, Women & men , For Deep scrub, Soothing, Body Works, Soaking or Relaxation in spa to get a good night sleep especially in pregnancy.
  • Our bathing salt packaging is designed with a seal lock to be able to reseal the bag after opening.

Raw DEAD SEA SALT Not cleaned, still Contains all dead sea minerals