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At Aromasong, quality assurance and customer satisfaction are our number one goals. Since 2000, Aromasong has guaranteed customers top of the line products at unbeatable market rates, making us a leading Beauty and Life Style Manufacturer in New York. Our quality Dead Sea Salt and Fragrance Oil products are just a couple of the many products we’ve got to offer you. Come on stop by our online store and stock up on the items you need.

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Aromasong is the one-stop brand that understands the importance of giving your taste buds a delectable time and looking and feeling your best as well. We transform your basic meals into a feast fit for the king's table using our exquisite brand of gourmet salts. by providing you with highly exclusive and the most luxurious quality skincare product we take your entire look to a level of absolute decadence.

We are that ideal elbow grease you require to reach your beauty potential and help you maintain this exquisite new you. We think of you first, and all our products are put together with a great passion to meet all your premium quality beauty needs and bring a new level of cuisine greatness to your kitchen and meal moments. Our carefully selected and high-quality beauty ingredients and the dedication and hours put into the research to provide you with products that would begin a new and exciting phase of your life shows that we aren't just a brand that's set up for good business. We are also one that has your back 100%, making sure that you get more than your money's worth each time.


Take this cuisine and beauty walk with us today and get a remarkable lifestyle experience like never before. 


Expertly hand harvested gourmet salts can enhance the flavor and taste of your meals in no way like the common table sea salt 


Our therapeutic products have multiple effects on your body and your health. Some of the benefits are to relieve acne, eczema

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