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Aromasong was born after a simple family vacation to the Dead Sea. After personally benefiting from the natural healing, it ignited a passion to introduce and help others experience the wonders of natural healing offered by the Dead Sea.
Founder Danny battled his daughter, Sarah’s, eczema for years only to be disappointed in typical remedies.  At the Dead Sea, they discovered that the over 21 minerals in Dead Sea Salt can nourish and hydrate the skin and heal stressed muscles and body joints. This revelation began a journey of researching how the Dead Sea Salt can aid in healing his daughter’s skin condition.  This journey ended up being the catalyst for the founding of the Aromasong Manufacturing Company.
Today, Aromasong remains a family-owned business dedicated to importing the highest quality salt that the Dead Sea has to offer.  We offer a large selection of Dead Sea Salt products including bath and foot soaks for overall body health, skincare scrubs and muds, home fragrances, and edible seasonings.

If you are new to Dead Sea Salt products, we encourage you to explore our line of 100% pure, natural, organic products!

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